Mr. Sanjay Parte

Mr. Sanjay Parte

Receiving honour by Sdm Shri M G Godbole Sir For Top performer 2018


Member of ZM Club 2015


Member of CM Club 2017




Centurian 10 times since 2009


Double Centurion 5 times.


Triple Centurion 2017.


WZ Health Insurance Champion 2017


Myself Mr. Sanjay Parte, I have started my LIC CAREER since 21st June 2003 under the worthy guidance of

my friend, my guide Development Officer Mr. RajendraIthape Sir. Since from beginning I am part time agent. I am very much thankful to my Development Officer to bring me in this Great Profession.

I have qualified for MDRT 2017 under the worthy guid‐ ance of my Development Officer. It's great pleasure for me to attend MDRT convention at Orlando, USA.

Though I am part time agent since beginning, LIC is my Prime Business. It's my major source of incomeas well. I have 1600 policies Customers portfolio. I have achieved all the milestones in LIC from Zonal Club Member to MDRT. My customers satisfaction is my first priority. Our Development Officer Mr.

Rajendra Ithape always trained us to do the business for Customer Welfare. I learned from him the importance of Need Base Selling & Data Analysis,Portfolio management, Conceptual Marketing. Asset

management, Pension Planning, Health Insurance, Kanyadan, Balsuraksha- Education Guarantee scheme are my favourite concept for Need Base Selling.

I am very thankful to parents, family specially my wife, LIC staff, all my trust worthy customers and offcourse my friend, Our Guru, Development Officer

Shri. Rajendra Ithape Sir for his priceless guidance and motivation as well.



Mr. Dattatraya Khot

Mr. Dattatraya Khot

Receiving honour by SDM Shri M G Godbole Sir for MDRT 2018.

Chairman Club Member Since 2012 DOUBLE CENTURION FOR LAST 10 YRS MDRT 2018.

Myself Mr. Dattatraya Khot started my career as Insurance Advisor in the year 2000 under the guidance of Mr.Rajendra Ithape. I am always thankful to my Guru, mentor, Friend & Philosopher, my Development Officer Rajendra Ithape, who introduced me in this noble profession.

Presently I am the Member of Chairman Club since

2012 and recently honoured for MDRT USA in 2018. I have customer base of more than 2500 clients.

I have started my journey as Insurance Advisor as on 25th November 2002 with my Development Officer Mr. Rajendra Ithape. My Development Officer trained me how to build healthy business relationship with customers and earn customers trust with ethical business. I have started my career as Insurance and Financial Advisor.

"For Us Customer Come First

That's why they trust us the Most. "

In the last 16 years journey I achieved many more milestones and awards viz Centurion, Double and

Triple Centurion, Members of DM, ZM & CM club, and MDRT 2018 as well. 

I am specialists in Customer Need Analysis andConcept Selling. Retirement solutions, Education Guarantee, Health insurance and Risk management are my key areas of working. I always delivering prompt and value added customer services to each and every client with integrity and honesty.

Whatever success I achieved in my professional life is only because of the great blessing of my parents, valuable guidance of my Development Officer, priceless support from LIC Staff and offcourse Trust of my valuable customers.